About Us

George started in the towing business in 1986 working for Chuck’s Towing. He worked there until 1995 when he decided to purchase his own tow truck. George started his business naming it Ace 24-Hour Towing. While working a second job during the day and running calls at night. He worked hard to make his business grow. In 1999 he brought in his first full-time employee with the company.

Ace Towing was doing so well with growing, George made the decision to add more trucks and his first heavy-duty trucks. With the way business was growing, George was able to purchase his former owner “Chuck’s 24-Hour Towing” in 2001.

Fast Forward to almost 25 years a lot has changed, as we all noticed. Ace Towing started out with one unit and has grown a fleet of over 30 units. Ace’s fleet consists of some smaller units to some of the largest recovery trucks in the tri-state area, off-road equipment, and multi-vehicle transport capabilities. Ace Towing also offers services of landols, low boys, and flatbed services; but it doesn’t stop there as Ace is always making sure we do the job safely and in a timely matter. Ace has taken the steps to add a 75-ton rotator along with 2 more heavy-duty trucks by the end of 2019.